01. My grandfather is a [veteran] of the Second World War.
02. The [veteran] players on the team are very important in helping new players adjust to the pressures of professional sports.
03. He's a [veteran] politician who has been in over 10 federal campaigns.
04. Some of the [veterans] of the Gulf War are suffering the effects of chemical warfare.
05. Many of our nation's [veterans] of the First and Second World Wars are living in nursing homes.
06. The [veterans] marched proudly in the parade to the applause of the spectators.
07. A number of Canadian [veterans] of the Second World War visit Holland on a regular basis, where they continue to be welcomed as heroes.
08. In 1966, Yang Shangkun, a [veteran] of the Long March with Mao Zedong, became a victim of the Cultural Revolution when he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
09. The actress was a [veteran] of the stage and television before making her first feature film in 1994.
10. Our cat is an old, scarred [veteran] of countless fights with the other cats around the neighborhood.
11. There are not many [veterans] of the First World War still left alive in this country.
12. Max Cleland once said that within the soul of each Vietnam [veteran] there is probably something that says "Bad war, good soldier."
13. In 1987, a number of leading [veteran] revolutionaries, including Deng Xiao-Ping, stepped down from the Communist Party's guiding Central Committee in China.
14. The last surviving [veteran] of the American Civil War died in 1959 at the age of 117.

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